Interior Design

3 Ways to Increase your Retail Sales Offline

Hiring highly experienced Marketing Managers and implementing thousand new strategies, advertising frequently through various Social Media channels, promoting via sales and discounts, investing a huge sum on celebrities and what not!

You might have tried something or everything in the list above but for one. That one thing which is capable of changing everything and giving a whole new dimension to your Sales Graph. Guessing what that is?

Re-design your Interior and re-define your Sales

You heard that right. To unleash the magic of what Interior Designing can do, the only way is implementing it to your Retail Store. It is a pre-conceived notion that all the customers are switching over to the online mode of purchase. We agree that people are making their purchases and transactions online but, not always!

Shopping is fun and a stress-reliever for many. When we performed an analysis taking Dubai into consideration, we were astonished to hear that majority of the people here love to purchase in-store because of the time they get to spend with their family members during shopping and also because of the opportunity to meet new people and make acquaintances.

You might wonder, all these are true but how is Interior Designing and Retail Shop connected? And what does it have to do with sales? How can I increase my sales by just implementing Interior Designing to my shop?

You are just one step away from discovering HOW!

1. Know yourself!

Of course, you own a Retail shop but that doesn’t mean, you have to merely showcase your product and people can just come to your shop, buy something and leave. NO!

You have to define yourself. Creating a Brand Identity, Design and Website is great but how you are, defines what you do! The only way to define yourself (your Retail Store) is by choosing the right interiors and fit-outs.

There is a proverb that says,

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are

Similarly, your shop must speak for you, your product and what you stand for! Right from the colours you choose to paint your walls to the picture frame, every single thing defines you! All these are not just to create an impression but to communicate an emotion.

2. Know who you deal with

Knowing yourself is the beginning but knowing your audience is Smart-working. Your Retail Store might target one particular domain say, clothing and accessories for Women. But as soon as people hear the word clothing for women, the one colour that flashes their mind is pink!
Who said all women love only pink? Women and pink is generalization but to excel, you need to clearly define the nature of women your product and Shop targets. Based on this decision, the whole look of the shop should be designed.

Perfume, paints, fabric for the curtains, arranging the clothes in the rail, lighting, fit-outs should all re-emphasize and cater spot-on to your Target audience.

Every intricate detail is an important piece to complete your whole design puzzle

3. Be Consistent

Once you have finalized your target audience, every single detail should highlight and re-iterate the definition. Being consistent is the crucial ingredient to boost your sales quotient. But being consistent where?

Your Retail Shop should have a definitive flow throughout which will project that you are reliable and give your target audience a sense of surety and commitment. They will be able to associate with your product and emotionally connect with your store if your shop has the consistency.

Just to show that they are creative and posh, many shops spend a huge sum decorating their interior with hi-tech fit-outs and lights but the truth is, your audience may be fascinated by it but they wouldn’t be able to connect with it. To increase your sale, you need to be connected emotionally and thereby win your customer’s heart.

Interior Design is not all about Beauty but Passion evoking a Strong Positive Emotion

This is why you need consistency. From the smallest artefact to the fabric, everything must replicate your Identity and keep revealing your significance. They should all connect together and communicate your single Brand Story.

These 3 things when clearly focussed, boils down to one outcome and that is, a linear increase in your sales curve.

Make the right decision today!