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5 Ways How a Good Fit-out Impacts your Business

On an average an employee spends nearly 8 to 9 hours, which is nearly one third of the day at working
Nowadays, the time spent at office easily outnumbers the time at home. This being the case, analyse how important it is to keep your office space neatly designed. From the moment you or your employees walk in to the second you leave, your entire time revolves in and around the workplace. The entire thinking process, emotion and attitude is built around one thing and that is, “The Appearance”. The look and feel of your office fit-outs and designs define not just your Company’s Brand value and Identity but the Character and Culture of your Business as a whole.
Your employees are the torch-bearers of your Company. They define your Identity
Therefore it is substantial that your employees feel good about the place they work at. In accordance with our research, we have formulated 5 areas how we think a good fit-out and design is capable of enriching the status and value of your Business.

1. Defines the Culture

Do you think the Culture of a Business is framed by a rule-book? Of course not. The Culture of your Business depends on what you stand for, your employees but all these on the other hand are directly contingent upon the atmosphere where you work.
Every single piece of wall painting and picture frame defines you
They are not just artefacts conveying some meaning, rather are emotions emphasizing your culture. If your office is a Designing firm, the vibrant and vivid imagery of your latest design works hanged on the wall will depict what you stand for and communicate the entire Brand story of your Company. The smallest of the fabric is capable of revealing the kind of Company you are. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of Dirhams decorating and furnishing your workplace but even if it is a curtain or one single sofa, it should be in line with your Company’s Mission.

2. Triggers Innovation

If your Employee is spending 8 to 9 hours in the Office, his entire thinking and innovation is confined to his cubicle. If he has to step up and think out of the box, a Google search alone will not be sufficient to inspire him. If there is motivating images, colours, furniture and fittings appealing and interesting to the eye, the energy level and the creativity will scale up. The way of thinking and attitude will certainly undergo a paradigm shift. Understanding this is not Rocket Science because it is a common Human Tendency to be inspired from what we see. Things around us impact our thought process which in turn affect the outcome.
For the output to be great, things we see around us should be great!

3. Evokes Positive Emotion

Let’s say someone walks into your office; the walls are completely painted in grey and the curtains carry a uniform blue colour and maybe there are some picture frames or wall-hangings here and there and you are a full-suite Marketing and Advertising Agency. Do you think the clients wanting to make a deal with you will end up signing? Even if they do, will they be willing to pay what you ask for? The quality of work and the outcome you deliver might actually be amazing but,
If you want people to buy it, you have to sell it to them
How will you do that? The simple answer to this question is, “By Evoking a Positive Emotion”. To make the deal yours and win the trust of your Clients and Employees, the reliability has to start kicking in from the moment your client or employee catches the first glimpse of your work space.

4. Employee Satisfaction

Remuneration and Benefits are the key but there is another element which entirely drives the emotion of your employees and wins their satisfaction. Guess what?
This component when handled adeptly can do wonders to your Business
Whatever said and done; Beautiful flowers kept fresh in the vase every day, pleasant perfume, comfortably designed chairs and tables, vibrant paints breaking the monotony, inspirational wall papers and attractive flooring… As you are reading this, don’t you feel happy and relaxed? What if all these elements come into play real time? Employee Satisfaction, Client trustworthiness and Peace will all be a definite YES! Now can you visualize what this element can do to your Business?

5. Increased Productivity

Let’s take the same example of a Marketing and Advertising Agency. Only if your Company is equipped well enough to showcase your ability, can other people depend on you for their Business and Promotions. From the paint colours you choose to the flooring you deploy, each element has to reinstate your Brand Identity. If this happens, the result is increased productivity, respect, belief, success and the rest assured.
If a well-designed Interior and a good fit-out is capable of bringing in so much magic to your business, why not implement it?
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