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5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Court The Instagram Crowd

Thanks to its luxurious and future-friendly lifestyle, Dubai has become a favorite among the millennials; apparently, more than 73% of Dubai’s population consists of people below 40 years. And anyone who has ever interacted with the millennial crowd will tell you that they’re great cheerleaders, i.e., when they like something, they have to share it on Instagram! How does this translate into good business for an ordinary restaurateur you ask? Well, there’s a lot at stake for restaurants that are not only looking for a grassroots approach to promoting their business but also looking for third-party validation to ensure future customers. If you’re in the food and beverages industry, here’s how you can work with fit out companies in Dubai in creating Instagram-worthy interiors:

Pay Attention To Lighting:

While designing restaurants, factors like lighting and utensils are now becoming as important as aspects like design style and food. Some of the ways this could be done is by hanging traditional low lights and candles, thereby allowing diners to snap pictures from anywhere in the restaurant. The trend is slowly veering towards natural and amber-colored light – sources that are concealed to avoid lens flare. While lighting is customized to create a picture-worthy ambiance, there’s also an increase in the trend of creating customized light fixtures – more on the lines of creating a pièce de résistance.

Pink Is The New Black:

No other color has captured the millennial psyche as much as the color pink, or rather a delicate shade of pink that is aptly called, ‘millennial pink’. It is everywhere – from clothing and couches to even restaurant interiors. It makes sense for interior decorators in Dubai to use splashes of pink – for one, it does not compete with food. But this trend is soon giving way to other bright but not –so –over –the –top colors like the ‘ultra’ violet, or pantone 18-3838 that has been dubbed color of the year. There’s also a move towards unicorn themed accents.

A Touch Of Green:

Restaurant interior design companies in Dubai are now moving towards a minimalistic design. And if there’s something that can add a little color to the scene, it is indeed some green in the plants. Designers are embracing the biophilic design concept in a big way. It not only creates Instagrammable moments but also helps diners enjoy a better dining experience. This could either include hanging potted plants, creating living walls, or using reclaimed wood in your interiors.


Patterned tile floors are great ways to encourage diners to create Instagram-worthy pictures. There are restaurants where almost every diner is looking down for feet–on–floor pictures. It’s ideal if food pictures are too basic for your tastes.

Kitschy Aesthetics:

The challenge for interior fit-out companies in Dubai is to look for things that they can make Instagram-worthy. From tiles and cutlery to potted plants and patterned wallpapers, they’ve covered almost everything. But wait, there’s more! You can add kitschy elements like murals, artworks, neon signs, or even throw in some colorful cushions in the lounge.

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