Interior Design

6 Must Know Retail Design Principles

It is a general belief that most consumers these days prefer shopping online. But guess what?

“Many rely on feeling than just seeing”.

There are certain difficulties in shopping online like: waiting for the package to be delivered, inability to feel or touch the fabric, colour mismatch due to inadequate lighting, and improper fitting.

To overcome these challenges, although shopping online might actually save time, people prefer purchasing offline (at stores).

So, your retail shops can undoubtedly achieve very high sales provided you master the art of Interior Designing. If your retail store follows these 6 principles, rest assured,

  • Number of customers
  • Sales
  • Product popularity
  • Purchase rates and
  • Market Shares
  • It Will all snowball


What are the 6 Principles?

The key idea is to put yourself in the place of the consumer and think from his/her perspective rather than just a Retail Shop Owner.


1. Crack the Window

Well, this doesn’t mean, “Literally crack the window” but to crack the consumer’s attention through the window. Most of the shops follow the open window concept, where all the products are showcased via glass rather than constructing wooden doors.

This is the first step to attract the attention of the audience but since it has become very common these days, following this idea alone will definitely not attract the passers-by to visit your store.

A window is the first visible material of your store. Using it effectively is the key ingredient to arouse and evoke the interest of your consumer. Using a vivid and clever display of your best-selling product or projecting promotion ideas like, “Sales or Discount” in a very creative way with bright lighting and beautiful colors will capture the attention and make your target consumer’s head turn towards your shop.


2. Hit the brake

You have made the passers-by look at your store but don’t you want them to walk in? How are you going to hit their brake and steer them inside?

This is where fit-outs, interior designing, and creativity comes into play. Using the right colors and playing with your best products adeptly makes all the difference. From the choice of paint to placing the product in a particular dimension, every single thing matters.

All these might look like a small thing but giving attention to each and every detail is the key to snowballing your sales curve. For example, if it is a retail store for children, using flashy and attractive colours or imagery of the trending cartoon character are some of the ways to capture the interest but the same cannot be used for a women’s footwear and accessories shop.

A single display should be able to draw the attention and pull the shopper’s attention to your shop. And guess what? Interior Designing is all about that.


3. Guide the Tour

You have now hit the brake and steered your target audience’s direction into your store. Then? Your shop should take the lead and walk your consumer cleverly through all your products and make them irresistible to purchase.

Now, this might sound really difficult but it’s definitely not. The same product when skillfully placed analyzing a consumer’s purchase decision is the answer to this “so-called difficult” task. You don’t need a psychologist or a Marketing Analyst to strategize the theory of consumer purchase behavior but you need to execute this practically. How?

Through designing your interior not just creatively or vibrantly but practically. It should be a complete solution and not a total mystery. It should make it easy for your customer to buy your product and not difficult to go through the whole lot and keep searching to find the perfect fit. As we said, small things matter the most, and paying attention to those intricate details will make a paradigm shift in your business.


4. Master the brain

Being practical is the key but being smart is the ultimate

When you stop for a minute and think, you will understand a simple truth. Just ask yourself where will you look as soon as you get inside the shop? The answer is “towards the right”. Most of us use our right hand extensively and this makes it common to turn right as soon as we see something new for the first time.

So just go ahead and master the brain! Counseling, in general, is easy but following it, is of course not. So we will reveal the secret to you right away.

Since humans tend to focus on the right-hand side, paying attention to the interiors especially in that part of your shop is vital because “The first impression is always the best”. Therefore making the right one is certainly important.

Placing your best product in a vibrant and innovative way with a well-designed platform to showcase it is the best way how you can capture the attention and make the whole shopping experience thoroughly memorable.


5. Increase the Volume

We are not asking you to turn on the volume of your Music System nor are we asking you to increase the volume of your product display in the Retail Store. What we mean by increase your volume is, make the same person visit more and more products in your store. Make them buy more.

One reason why people come to your store irrespective of being able to select products sitting at the comfort of their home is, to enjoy the shopping experience as a whole. So it is up to you to make it memorable for them. For, if you achieve that, the best part is, it will turn out to be a win-win situation for both, your consumer and you. Know how?

Once you have managed to visually appeal to your audience and emotionally connect with them, there is no looking back. It is guaranteed that the shopper is not going to leave your store without purchasing anything. But your challenge is to make him/her buy more! Of course, they will if you fulfill their requirement and in fact, just like a boomerang, they will keep coming back to you.

From using the right perfume to placing the product in the right place, every single detail will benefit your business and increase your inflow dirham after dirham.


6. Use it all

Again, not asking you to invest every single dirham for making your Retail shop visually enhancing. In fact, we are asking you to do quite the opposite. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and where to do makes you brilliant and sets you a class apart from the crowd.
But not everybody knows exactly how to master this art. Yes! Setting up your product, using the ideal paint, placing the product in that particular angle, employing the idyllic lighting, adapting the perfect flooring, engaging your consumer in the right location; every single thing matters.
Attracting and beholding the attention and interest of your consumer is not Science and neither it is a Marketing Strategy. It is “ART”. It is a simple art of choosing the right thing that your consumer deserves.

These 6 Design Principles are not just ways to attract your consumer. It is a completely analyzed checklist of what has to be done in order to achieve what you want at your Retail Store.