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All about Cat A and Cat B Office Fit-Out! | HTS Interiors

Commercial office fit out can get considered as a process of transforming an empty room into a workplace. It is a process used to make an internal space suitable for occupation. From getting basic facilities installed to raising the flooring, it consists of all.

Office fit out can get categorized into- Cat A and Cat B fit-outs. Let us understand the two in more detail.

Cat A Fit-out

Category A or Cat A fit-outs usually get finished with a suspended ceiling, lighting, heating, and raised flooring. It converts a bare shell into a functional space ready for leasing out. Such places have the basics done and are ready for leasing to tenants. Cat A fit-out results in a habitable workplace that can get upgraded by the tenants according to their requirements.

Even if they are considered habitable, Cat A fit outs are not a preferred choice of the tenants. It is because such places require to get treated by interior designers to make them fully functional.

What all gets included- Cat A fit outs include basic finishing of ceilings and raised floorings. It also has basic mechanical and electrical services completed. One might also get fire detection services and fire alarms along with it. Cat A spaces also have ventilation and air conditioning facilities with basic internal finishes.

Cat B Fit-out

Category B fit-outs are the upgraded version of Cat A with some add ons. It gets tailored to the specific needs of the tenants and is a mixture of perfect workstations, meeting rooms and breakout areas. Cat B fit-out reflects the brand and working principles. The furniture and other elements reflect the corporate personality of the tenant. It ensures that the design and moveables of the workplace are suitable for the workforce.

What all gets included- Usually, Cat B fit outs consist of fully-fitted kitchens, non-communal office amenities, and partitioning of rooms into meeting rooms, workstations, and breakout spaces. It includes the furniture, power points, and IT installation. They are air-conditioned and have all the other amenities.

Cat A Plus: An Intermediate

It is a midpoint between Cat A and Cat B. In a Cat A Plus space, everything gets provided by a landlord. The tenants need to come with their employees and IT equipment and start working. Such places have fitted kitchens, meeting rooms, workstations, breakout spaces, furniture, power points, and IT installation. To be precise, it comes with everything that will get required to set up an office.
Therefore, before signing a lease, one must carefully analyze their needs and if the place is fulfilling them or not. If you want a workplace that accurately reflects your business, Cat B will be the most suitable category. HTS Interiors can help set up a Cat B office space and convert Cat A into Cat B. With our fitout services, you can get the designs of top luxury interior designers to become a reality. Our team is well-trained to turn the best office room interior plan into reality.