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The work of all the employees at an office gets directed towards the same business. But, still, they all do different work with varying working principles. Some need a silent room for focussing, whereas the others might even work while chit-chatting with their peers. Hence,
professional interior design must include ways to avoid noisy distractions. As noise often leads to affecting the performance of employees who prefer a quiet working place. 

To save the employees from distractions, a workplace must get designed to absorb as much sound as possible. If the acoustics of a room does not get designed to absorb enough sound, it reverberates around the room and builds. It results in the annoyance of the employees. 

Increased Surface Areas With Acoustic Furniture

As fitout specialists in Dubai, we believe that the best way for better sound absorption is to increase the absorption surface area. Now, one might think- how is it possible to extend a room’s size? Do not get confused, as we are not talking about the room’s size. We make this happen by including furniture pieces with greater surface area for better absorption. Some furniture pieces have great noise-absorbing properties and also prevent noise from traveling. We also use wall panels, perforated ceilings, carpeting, and partitions. Our team understands the value of acoustics, which makes it capable of incorporation the best strategies to avoid any more noise disturbances.

Private workspace 

Most complaints of noise distraction come from open-plan workspaces. Such workplaces might look cool and trendy and even let the employees connect and interact better. But, after some time, they will get annoyed with all the noise created. HTS Interiors can help avoid this situation by introducing some dividing elements. It will provide employees personal space to work with increased focus. Such elements can also add some extra stars to the aesthetics of a place. 

Want some more!

If dividing elements do not work, we have something more. We can turn an open-plan workplace into small cubicles for employees by introducing wall panels. Wall panels can even get personalized to match the other interiors and make them look contemporary. These wall panels help one form separate cubicles that do not let unwanted sound travel. 

Sound absorbing lights

Lights are not something unique as it is one of the essential things for a place. HTS Interiors can replace the lightings of a workplace with the ones that perform dual jobs. Yes, such lights not only illuminate a workspace but also absorb sound. 

Wait no more!

A few years back, aspects of sound were not given importance while designing an office. But HTS Interiors believe that acoustic is the future of office design. We understand that when noise enters a workplace, it takes away the creativity and productivity of the employees. Therefore, while turning top interior design into reality, we ensure that none of our client’s business gets affected due to unwanted noise. 

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