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Shopping Mall
120,500 sq. ft.
24 weeks
The Challenge
The Riviera Mall was up for a revamp including all the five floors. While working, we had to take into consideration the elite government officials staying on the top-most floor, and the entire business operations of the boutique outlets and cinema theatre within the mall. We had a timeline of 24 weeks and the challenge was the huge area of operations including changing the building façade. The peak summers did not allow us to keep strip the façade open all at once. While stripping the interior finishes, we noticed the MEP, HVAC, firefighting, alarm as well as lighting systems are old and needed replacement. This meant a new level of approvals and an increase in budget. Considering all these challenges, the mall had to be revamped to a new and exquisite look.
Our Solution
We started demolishing one floor at a time and doing the fit-outs simultaneously. The project management team was very influential in getting newer budget allotted, as well as sanctions for the MEP, HVAC and more. We had to work hand-in-hand with multiple stakeholders ensuring the project is done within the set timelines. We worked out a master plan, and subsequent smaller tasks were allotted to different teams and delivered the project within 24 weeks.
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