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E-commerce Start-up
3,500 sq. ft.
Marina Plaza
10 weeks
The company, an e-commerce start-up was already operational at a certain premise and needed to move into the Marina Plaza within ten weeks, and that was the timeframe we were given to convert this space into a chic and fully functional office. The last moment change in furnishing work, the design changes as well as necessary approvals from the landlord, building authority and statutory authorities before commencement were the topmost challenges. The expectation of the client was a design that reflected their values as a digital technology company. Certain special design specifications were required, including desks for people, a determined multi-facility space and an open workspace. All this including the MEP, electrical, lighting, IT installations, telecommunications, and other solutions. The most important task was seeking project approval from Marina Plaza Authorities as we were working on a strict timeline.
Our prior experience of working within the stringent project approval criteria at Marina Plaza helped us win this project. The team worked on critical path analysis, and these project management practices meant we did not lose any time in resubmission for approvals, designs, or work. Our project plan was scheduled to deliver at a fast track pace without compromising on the quality of work. We successfully delivered to expectations within eight weeks against the ten weeks stated, and all this allowed the client good time to plan their relocation.
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