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18,000 sq. ft.
Jurena, Sharjah
24 weeks
The assignment was of designing one of the Jurena Villas to a lifestyle interior. The client had a set budget in mind, but the lifestyle design meant an obvious hike. Accommodating the design in the budget was a challenge we faced early in the project. The villa had high ceilings and working around them was another challenge. The designs included a lot of detailed woodwork, including a beautiful circular classic style library.
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We decided to make use of some value-engineered design and material solutions that were an economic substitute for the client's requirement. At the same time, it did not compromise on the fundamental design and value. With these options at hand, we were able to create the library, which came out as one of the most stunning features of the interiors, along with the detailed woodworks. The entire project was well executed within the given timeline and budget.
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