Interior Design

Design For Danube Supermarket & Hypermarket chain in Saudi Arabia

Project Details
Client: Danube Supermarket & Hypermarket Chain – Saudi Arabia

Sector: e-commerce startup

Location: Marina Plaza

Size: 3500 sq.ft

Project Time Details

Time available: 10 weeks

Actual project time: 8 weeks

It is already 6 on a Thursday evening and we have finished half the furnishing work when the client comes rushing in, wanting us to change the look and feel of some of the furniture. It puts us in a quandary and further tightens our deadline.

As it is we are working against time on the full MEP and fit-out of a 3,500 square feet space in a span of just 10 weeks. We have only this much time to fulfil the expectations of the retail giant Danube Hypermarket as we work at breakneck speed to give them world-class offices for their new e-commerce startup AYM at the Marina Plaza. How did we complete the project? Let’s first look out at how we got the project.


Why were we selected for this prestigious project?

Obviously, our track record of meeting client expectations in terms of design requirement and our vast experience of working within the stringent project approval criteria in place at the Marina Plaza, had been instrumental in Danube giving us this project. Thus we needed to factor in the above change in requirement while proceeding with the project in order to protect our reputation.

Another factor that was instrumental in HTS being awarded the project was our excellent project plan that convinced our clients that we had the requisite expertise, track record and capability to fast track the project without compromising on quality issues so as to meet the deadline.


Project Initiation

To start with our team proceeded to fully understand the concept and philosophy of the company, to get a holistic view of what was expected from the project.

We initiated the project by obtaining the necessary approvals from the landlord (Emaar) Building Management (Pure Logic) and statutory authorities like DM, DEWA and DCD and for fulfilling the stringent submission requirement so that the project was not delayed and we got the full project time to complete it.

The main intent of the project was to create such designs for offices that would truly reflect the company’s personality as a digital technology company that aims to work as a growth engine for its partners by building digital and online technologies that expand their businesses.


How did we complete the project?

We proceeded to build offices that used high quality locally sourced customised furniture and blended it with carefully selected and internationally sourced furniture that not only gave the office a trendy and chic look but offered warm and welcoming space that resulted in a stress-free environment thanks to our smart interior space planning.

The office not only provides comfort to the employees as well as the visitors but is also easy to clean and maintain.

We successfully completed the entire fit-out of the space using innovative solutions and also completed MEP installations like electrical fittings, lightings, IT installations, telecommunications, etc in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the quality requirements and that too within the time constraints.

While designing the layout we had to keep in mind the client wishlist including:

➢ Accommodating handicapped personnel.
➢ Designing a space that was innovative yet flexible to allow for multiple functions including that of a formal meeting room.
➢ Open plan workspace with acoustic application.

Adhering to the timeline was absolutely necessary as the client had to vacate their existing office space by a particular date. Thus we had to ensure that the project, including last-minute changes like changing the look and feel of the furniture as desired, was completed within the time available.
This was made possible by our emphasis on executing the project at maximum efficiency and the use of technology like CPM and PERT for project management. This meant that we did not lose any time on resubmission for approvals, redesign or rework during execution.

All the careful planning and execution bore fruit as we not only completed the project to the satisfaction of our client but also handed it over in just 8 weeks as against the stipulated 10 weeks thus giving them 2 additional weeks to plan their relocation.


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