Eagle Hills Office - Abu Dhabi


HTS Interiors played a pivotal role in merging the comfort of home with the efficiency of a workplace for Eagle Hills Properties' office in Abu Dhabi. Their design strategy was centered around creating an environment that fosters inspiration and light, leveraging floor-to-ceiling transparent walls to maximize the serene views of the Persian Gulf.

The entrance foyer, with its welcoming, light-toned walls, textured panels, and wooden flooring, introduces a homely charm right from the start, setting a tone of warmth and openness. The design cleverly incorporates a soft-colored couch and earthy tones, offering a soothing contrast to the turquoise waters, while sleek, modern furniture and contemporary lighting add an edge of professionalism.

Eagle Hills Office

Building Name

15,000 sq.ft




Abu Dhabi


HTS Interiors redesigned Eagle Hills Properties' office in Abu Dhabi

Works done

Despite the challenges posed by the existing structures and fittings, HTS Interiors efficiently reimagined the space to enhance its functionality and comfort without significant disruptions. The transformation, completed within three months and on a strict budget, reflects a balanced blend of homey warmth and professional rigor. The office layout, with its spacious passageways and open cabins, encourages an unrestricted office culture, promoting connectivity across departments. The addition of a circular meeting space and strategically placed seating areas near windows for natural light underscores HTS Interiors' commitment to creating spaces that boost mental well-being and productivity, adding a new layer of depth with a subtle palette, accent lighting from Italy, and minimalistic artefacts to elevate the everyday work experience.

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