Everstone Capital, Icd Brookfield Place - Dubai


The design of Everstone Capital's office features a reception area with a striking Mont Blanc Quartzite desk that sets the tone for elegance right at the entrance. White Oak timber panels throughout the office add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere for both employees and visitors. The office layout includes a mix of open-plan spaces and private meeting areas, facilitating both collaboration and confidential discussions.

Everstone Capital's new office, designed by HTS, epitomizes a seamless blend of sophistication and functionality, reflecting the company's core values. The workspace is crafted to foster an environment where team dynamics can flourish and business relationships can be nurtured.

ICD Brookfield

Building Name

10,000 sq.ft


July 2023




Interior Design & Fit out

Works done

The workspace is divided into several key areas, each designed with a specific purpose in mind to enhance productivity and comfort. The open-plan office area is equipped with ergonomic furniture and strategically placed lighting, which helps in reducing eye strain and increasing comfort during long working hours. Intimate meeting spaces and a large boardroom are equipped with advanced technological setups, ensuring that Everstone Capital is at the forefront of business efficiency and innovation.

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