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Named after the majestic river in Thailand, Mekong Restaurant in Dubai is a testament to HTS Interiors' mastery in creating spaces that reflect cultural depth and aesthetic elegance. Tasked with bringing the essence of Thai culture to life, HTS Interiors meticulously designed the interiors to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, embracing the tranquility of nature within the restaurant's ambiance.

The stunning interior design features a carefully selected color palette of reds, browns, and touches of yellow, encapsulating the warmth and richness of Thai traditions.

Mekong Restaurant

Building Name

15,000 sq.ft






Work completed

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HTS Interiors' approach to the Mekong Restaurant project showcases their ability to integrate cultural elements into modern design, ensuring that every corner of the space resonates with the spirit of Thailand. Through the use of traditional materials, intricate design details, and a harmonious color scheme, HTS Interiors has crafted an environment that not only pays homage to Thai heritage but also offers guests an immersive dining experience. The design philosophy behind Mekong Restaurant highlights HTS Interiors' commitment to excellence and their skill in creating spaces that tell a story and evoke a sense of place, making it a distinguished culinary destination in Dubai.

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