Novecento - Ifza Dubai


HTS Interiors took inspiration from classic 1990s motifs and Italian aesthetics to develop a space that feels both timeless and inviting. Utilizing a palette of rich maroons, deep greens, and warm earth tones, the design team incorporated luxurious materials like velvet and polished wood, accented with bespoke metallic fixtures that provide a touch of modernity. The restaurant's layout fosters a sense of intimacy while encouraging the social vibrancy typical of Italian dining culture.

Named after the vibrant flair of the 1990s, Novecento captures the essence of a retro Italian restaurant-bar with a distinctive character. Tasked with crafting an ambiance reminiscent of the dynamic 90s era, HTS Interiors expertly blends nostalgic elements with modern design to create a unique dining experience. The space is a tribute to the lively Italian culture, offering a cozy yet electrifying setting that appeals to both contemporary tastes and retro enthusiasts.


Building Name

10,000 sq.ft


April 2024




Interior Fitout

Works done

Central to the Novecento's design is its bar and open kitchen, designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. The bar, with its custom-designed stools and vibrant lighting, serves as a focal point, drawing patrons into the heart of the restaurant. Above, a meticulously crafted floral ceiling installation adds a layer of sophistication and depth, enhancing the dining atmosphere. Outdoors, the terrace offers a relaxed, garden-like setting where diners can enjoy al fresco meals under subtle, ambient lighting, making every meal at Novecento an immersive experience.

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