Salia Seafood & Grill - Address Beach Resort Fujairah


The interior of Salia is a tribute to both modern design principles and the rich cultural heritage of the region. The design leverages natural elements and local materials to create a space that feels both contemporary and rooted in tradition. The layout maximizes the stunning mountain and ocean views, with expansive windows and an open terrace that invites the outside in. The use of light wood, woven textures, and a calm, neutral color palette echoes the surrounding natural beauty, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Salia, a modern seafood bar and grill nestled at the majestic foothills of the mountains in Fujairah, offers a sanctuary where culinary art meets the serenity of the sea. Designed by HTS Interiors, this venue captures the essence of coastal luxury combined with local cultural influences, providing a refreshing retreat for both mind and palate.

Address Beach Resort Fujairah

Building Name

15,000 sq.ft


April 2023




Interior Fitout

Works done

At the heart of Salia's design is its dynamic kitchen, visible from the dining area, where guests can watch as chefs craft dishes with finesse and innovation. The restaurant's spatial design facilitates a fluid culinary experience, from the bar where guests can enjoy freshly mixed cocktails to the grill area where the aroma of cooking fills the air. Each dining space, whether indoor or alfresco, is meticulously arranged to ensure comfort while enhancing the communal and interactive essence of the dining experience. This thoughtful layout supports Salia's mission to offer a dining experience that honors timeless traditions through inspiring spices and local cultures.

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