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HTS Interiors has masterfully executed the interior fit-out of the St. Regis Residences, a striking 60-story glass skyscraper located in the heart of Dubai, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to integrating the essence of the land, its culture, and traditions into modern design.

The project's immediate success, with every unit sold within an hour of release, is a testament to the profound connection and meaningful engagement achieved through thoughtful placemaking and authentic concept development. This achievement underscores the importance of storytelling in design, where HTS Interiors, guided by insights into regional history and traditional building techniques, crafts spaces that not only resonate with regional buyers but also celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

Yas Holdings

Building Name

10,000 sq.ft


Mar 2023


Abu Dhabi


Good Quality

Works done

The design philosophy behind the St. Regis Residences, as articulated by lead designer Marc Roca, is deeply rooted in a narrative inspired by the natural and cultural landmarks of the region, aiming to position the residences as an emblem of conscious luxury. HTS Interiors' approach extends to the meticulous selection of materials, the incorporation of sustainable water features inspired by traditional Emirati irrigation systems, and the strategic use of communal and private spaces to foster community and connectivity. The integration of the Ghaf tree, the national symbol of unity and tolerance in the UAE, along with design elements that evoke the country's pearl hunting and fishing heritage, showcases HTS Interiors' dedication to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also rich in meaning and history. Through this project, HTS Interiors has set a new benchmark for luxury residential design that is deeply connected to its locale, demonstrating how innovative design can honor the past while embracing the future.

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