The Dubai Police Youth Hub

Civil Defence

Inside, the hub is equipped with various functional areas that cater to the needs of young visitors. Unique, hexagonal meeting pods offer a modern twist on collaboration spaces, providing privacy and sound insulation without isolation. The spacious interior is flexible, suitable for a range of activities, from casual gatherings to more formal meetings and educational sessions.

The Dubai Police Youth HUB is designed as a vibrant and inclusive space that reflects the innovative spirit of Dubai's youth. The exterior, featuring modern architectural elements and expansive glass walls, invites light into the building, symbolizing transparency and openness. The use of natural greenery around the entrance enhances the welcoming atmosphere, making it not just a functional space but also a pleasant community hub.

Dubai Police

Building Name

15,000 sq.ft


August 2018




Interior Design & Fit out

Works done

The Dubai Police Youth HUB is not only about providing a space for meetings and activities but also about fostering learning and development. Interactive displays and educational materials line the walls, providing insights into various initiatives by the Dubai Police. This environment is conducive to engaging the youth in meaningful discussions and activities that promote personal and professional growth.

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