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How Does a Well-designed Front Office Impact your Business

When it comes to corporate branding, the adage ‘you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression’ certainly holds true. A well-presented front-office reflects positively on the company, helps visitors understand your organization’s work culture, and even encourages employees to take pride in their workplace. Here’s why we think it’s important to design a professional-looking reception area for your office.

Appearance Matters:

The reception area plays a significant role in the hospitality industry. 95% of visitors are likely to form an opinion about your business and know what to expect just by looking at the front office. Unbeknownst to you, subtle elements like color, layout, etc. can make a statement about the company’s values. And that is why it is important to consider the tastes of your target clients when designing this space. This is especially true for hotels, restaurants, or clubhouses. When hiring interior design consultants to create your office space, it is important to explain your company’s brand identity and values clearly.

Improves Front Office Efficiency:

The importance of a well-designed reception area goes beyond aesthetics. A front office is usually a busy area because this is where you’ll be receiving or sending letters, attending to visitors, and even serving as a communication liaison between departments. You don’t want a design that could potentially create a bottleneck where employees and visitors are moving back and forth without clear direction.

Motivates Employees:

The reception area is not for the visitors alone. Employees spend a large part of their day at work; it is important to create a space that’s welcoming and boosts their mood. Would you like walking into a workplace that’s dark and dingy, or would you rather prefer an office that’s bright and visually appealing – an environment that promotes positivity. It has become increasingly difficult for companies to retain talented employees despite the promises of better pay packages and other benefits. Creating an office space where employees look forward to coming to can make a huge difference.  Not only that, but you also want employees to be proud of bringing visitors to the office.

Factors You Should Discuss When Hiring An Interior Design

At HTS interior design services, Dubai, we make an effort to understand the client’s needs and goals before starting the project. This helps establish good communication and build a comfortable rapport. But most importantly, it assures clients that they’re being heard and understood. What do you want your front office space to say about your brand identity?  Discuss seating arrangements, viz. number of chairs, the arrangement of furniture, the type of materials to be used, lighting arrangements, etc. beforehand to make sure there’s no room left for confusion at a later stage.

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