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Office Refurbishment & The Art Of Stress - Free Productivity

Office refurbishment projects aren’t nickel–and–dime projects; they’re expensive. Hence it’s important to get things done the first time than getting caught up in downstream problems. But this is easier said than done, especially if you have no inkling about how fit-out projects work. If you’ve been tasked with refurbishing your office space, here’s a list of things you must and mustn’t do:

Ask The Right Questions

Before you begin to look for fit out companies in Dubai, take some time for introspection. Why do you need this refurbishment and what purpose will it serve? Is it because there’s a lot of dead space in the office and you’d like to put them to good use? Does the office look dull and dark – perhaps you could maximize natural light? Does the office look dated and not worthy of showing off to your clients? Is it an expansion, an upgrade, or simply a makeover to impress the clients? Identifying why helps stakeholders and fit-out designers plan what. It also helps minimize disruption and ensures that you don’t go over budget.  Factoring your long-term goals for the company also matters, in the sense that you want a design that’s geared towards where you’d like the business to be in a few years!

Fixing The Budget

How much will the office refurbishment project cost – this is one of the most important questions you need to ask. Before you set out looking for quotes from interior fit out companies in Dubai, make a realistic assumption of how much you can afford to spend. Estimating a budget usually involves considering a multitude of facts. For example, if you have to move in temporarily to a new premise, what are the costs involved? Will you be leasing specialized equipment, or hiring professionals to plan the relocating? Are there any time limitations for the relocation? What are the provisional costs and how will the contractor provide for them in the estimate. Whether you own the space or not also influences the budget.

Address Branding Issues

Branding encourages employees to stick to your company’s core values and identity. It also enforces a strong sense of pride and turns them into brand ambassadors. Besides conveying a brand image, it also helps to create a certain mood in the workplace. For example, blue has a calming effect on people and usually represents trust and logic. They’re perfect when employees require focus and mental strain. Similarly, green symbolizes harmony and nature and is perfect for offices where employees need to work for long hours. You could also add in some artwork or brand messages – they not only boost productivity and inspires creativity.

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