Interior Design

Will a Good Interior Attract New People to my Restaurant

Gone are the days when people used to dine out just for food. Nowadays, it has become a major source of amusement
People these days are very picky when it comes to Restaurants. They do a lot of research before dining out not just to enjoy the good quality food but for the overall banquet experience. Food and taste are of course the key ingredients but just as pizza isn’t complete without the bubbling cheese dripping out of it, the soul of your Restaurant will not be at peace without the appropriate fit-outs and Interior Designs.

How important is the Interior?

The question here is not how important the Interior is rather it is, how should an interior be? Interior Designing is the smartest way to attract the appropriate crowd to your Restaurant. Before you decide on the color, painting, picture frames and even the cutleries, the first step is identifying what type of Restaurant you are and who is your target audience. Without deciding on this point, it is definitely not a wise choice to invest in anything. Decide whether you are a,
  • Fast Food hub
  • Fine Dining
  • Restaurant Café
  • Ethnic or
  • Casual Dining
Once this process is done, sit down and sketch out your whole theme for the Restaurant. Give it some time to visualize the entire Interior Structure before you begin to cash out.

Are there any factors to consider while designing?

We will tell you a simple idea. If you are thinking of refurbishing or about to start the whole design process from scratch, this one tip will help a great deal. Just walk out to the parking lot, imagine getting down from the car, and walk towards your Restaurant. Enter the doorway inside and walk-in, not as the Restaurant owner or a critique but as a normal and casual person entering the place for the first time. Now look at it and ask yourself, “Will I enjoy dining in this place?” If the answer is YES, well and good! But if it isn’t, then it is high time you start thinking seriously. From the minute you enter the doorway to the very second you are escorted to your table, every single thing matters. Be it the perfume, wall painting, lighting, windows or silverware, every intricate detail will definitely be noticed. You may now ask,

What are the main areas of focus from the Interior perspective?

  • Utilization of space
  • Furniture and fit-outs as a whole
  • Perfume and aroma
  • The theme of the Restaurant
  • Lighting

Utilization of space

Be it a smaller space or a relatively large one, utilization of space is the secret ingredient to preparing a mouth-watering recipe. Just because you don’t like fried chicken doesn’t mean you won’t include it in the menu card. Right? Similarly, I cannot decorate or furnish my Restaurant because space is confined or too small is not an excuse worth stating. A good Interior Design has the ability to transform your space and make it look bigger and beautiful enticing your target audience and offering an experience worth cherishing.

Furniture and fit-outs

In dining, furniture occupies the most significant portion. Because this is the space where your customer is seated to dine. Your Restaurant might be serving the best Mexican tacos in the whole wide world but what is the point if your furniture doesn’t convey it? Right from the silverware to the tablecloth, every single element should work in harmony to reveal your specialty. If you are a Mexican cuisine with Japanese influence, imagine what will happen to your reliability score? Be the real you inside and out! This will not only bring out your Brand Identity but will also build the mood for your cuisine and offer a holistic experience for your diners.

Perfume and Aroma

Whenever Restaurant food comes to mind, one thing that stays young and fresh is the aroma and the beautiful essence of food. Who said one can’t remember the smell? Smell not only has the capacity to grab attention but also has a unique tendency to create a nostalgic feeling.   People will actually come back to you for the smell of your Restaurant. We bet you might have definitely experienced the scenario where you might be walking across an eatery and the smell from the kitchen would have built a strong sense of appetite stopping you from proceeding any further and you would have been drawn to walk-in. This is exactly why we said, aroma and smell might look like really small details but the impact it can have over your Restaurant is enormous.

Theme of the Restaurant

Just as we discussed a few seconds back, a Mexican cuisine hosting a Japanese influence is a complete mismatch of the Brand value. Your entire cuisine has to be themed out to communicate a particular message strongly. Right from the wide-spaced windows, curtains, fabrics to flower vases, carpets and picture frames, make sure each and every detail puts across one single theme beautifully and conveys a striking story symphonically. Themed Restaurants is the modern Revolution in the Restaurant Market. To create a space for yourself and build a niche, you might have to think about incorporating the themed cuisine concept.


If your Restaurant is fine dining, lighting has to have a major say. Grand but elegant lighting has to be chosen to convey a rich and finesse style to your Target Audience. Although people pick Restaurant for the taste believe us, more than 50% of the people when surveyed voted that they choose the place for its Ambience and theme Making the lighting focussed or targeted to each particular table, investing on Chandeliers, utilizing the shade-out and shade-in option wherever required, letting Nature do its work by allowing natural light to drift inside are all some of the strategies which can act as a stepping stone for your restaurant decoration ideas to secure the lime-light. The one thing which we would like to emphasize or probably even re-iterate is, “Watch out for every single detail”. Please don’t think that this small thing will go unnoticed. NO! Each and every tiniest detail is equally important to plate the loveliest piece of meat! Happy dining!